With so many Cloud Businesses out there, why choose Handstand?

Although the explosion of Cloud has made it simple to deploy infrastructure, we believe that providing Mission Critical solutions are beyond the scope of a large number of these services.

The majority of Cloud providers offer their service to a broad range of customers including non-business consumers. We believe that it is difficult to meet the specific needs of an individual customer if the solution is not tailored to suit or if the customer key aims are not fully understood by the provider.

We also believe that a large number of Cloud Providers do not follow Standard Practices which makes Mission Critical unobtainable. We feel entrusting your business with them can be a risky venture.

Building partnerships with our customers is key to our success. If you are a Private or Shared Cloud customer, we carefully balance competitively priced solutions with Mission Critical SLAs and we always ensure that the solution provided meets all of the customer’s requirements. We also promise constant access to experienced technical staff, included as standard.

Our ethos

  • To help our customers overcome the challenges of adopting Cloud Technology.
  • To ensure that Mission Critical means Mission Critical.
  • To provide confidence and assurance by maintaining verified standards for our business.