Hyper-Converged Infrastructure built with best-in-class hardware and integrated with software-defined data centre architecture that has been optimised for Private or Hybrid Cloud.

Enterprise customers can now fully benefit from the efficiency of Cloud Technology without compromising control of their infrastructure.

Our solution provides our customers with the ability to consolidate existing legacy infrastructure and save money.

The Challenge

  • Vendor-locked hardware solutions have high-maintenance fees and require specialist staff.
  • The uncertainty and lack of control of the plethora of Cloud Services on offer.
  • Traditional hardware solutions are difficult to scale.
  • Legacy platforms have a large physical footprint.

The Solution

  • Our Hyper-Converged infrastructure platform is based on commodity hardware that can be purchased off-the-shelf. There is no longer a need for single product knowledge.
  • Our enterprise Private Cloud platforms are dedicated and provided either on-premise or in data centres of choice. The customer can benefit from the efficiency of Cloud Technology but remain in complete control.
  • Our platform is entirely modular in design allowing for easy flexible expansion of network, compute and storage resources as required.
  • High-density hardware significantly reduces the overall footprint compared to legacy hardware.


bcaBritish Car Auctions – We worked with BCA in 2015 to provide advice on moving a major application from on-premise into a Cloud environment.

Proof of Concept

Handstand provide a no-obligation, completely free, proof of concept service to all prospective customers. Please call Kingsley Ross on 01483 802444 or email people@handstand.co.uk for a further discussion.