We Build Clouds
  • who?

    Simple, Handstand has been providing IT services for over 10 years. We are good at what we do and our clients stay with us. No amount of words on a website can convince you of that so let’s keep it real, please call or email if you’d like to find out more for yourself.

  • what?

    Simple, private cloud services that work for and protect your business. As simple or as complex as you need so we won’t try to explain here. Please call or email to get what you need.

  • how?

    Simple, IT service that is delivered on time, well maintained, supported and with regular reviews to make sure it is still relevant to what you need. Please call or email and let’s get to it.

  • why?

    Simple, if you don’t work in IT why would you want the distraction of IT? Your business is your business, leave the tech to us and just take it for granted that you can get on and do what you need to. If you want to remove the obstacles technology can cause and you also want to make sure you are spending your money on IT that is fit for purpose then please call or email right now.

  • where?

    Simple, we are in Guildford, Surrey at
    Unit 25, The Surrey Technology Centre
    40 Occam Road, The Surrey Research Park Guildford. GU2 7YG
    You can call us on 01252 560059 or email simple@handstand.co.uk. You’ve come this far, so get in touch today.